COVID-19 Reflection

We live in very unprecedented times and I thought I will take a minute to reflect on what it means for everyone. It will accurate to say that no one has every seen such a virus that has an impact in the whole world and affects all the sectors. To tell the truth I do not remember much about SARS or MERS because their impact was not felt in many countries like this. Every day I think about how COVID-19 has impacted businesses and many other sectors of the economy. As a business and education person, this intrigues me a lot. I think that it opens up a lot of research in different fields, I am sure when I come to do my Thesis the virus will be mentioned because its impact is going to be long lasting.

How will business react when we go back to ‘normal’ what ever that is? Is working from home going to be the norm? I certainly hope so because we have seen how most businesses do not to have people in the office to be productive. Which sectors are going to be profitable after this? Are people going to flock to pubs and restaurants after this? I certainly miss a Nando’s. Or this is going to change our spending and consumer habits? Is the communication/media sector the ultimate- after all we tuned in millions to watch Netflix’s the Tiger King (I suggest it if you haven’t-crazy doesn’t even begin to describe this show), I am sure that millions of people spend time watching TVs, listening to the radio, on their laptops and tables as well as phones, is this the way forward? How are relationships between employers and employees going to change? Some employers kept workers in jobs longer than necessary, what does that say about them.

In education our view of pedagogy has completely been changed and affected. Whilst online learning has been in further and higher education for some time, primary and secondary school teaching and learning has always been done the traditional way. However, during this virus period changes had to be made to teach school children at home. How have the teachers done this? Since there was no framework that I know of for this, I believe that teachers might be finding this hard. My daughter who is doing A Levels had a teacher send 200 slides-death by PowerPoint. Are they overcompensating because there is no Framework to follow? How will teaching and learning change after this? I am concerned about the predictable grades for those who were supposed to write their exams this year. How fair and robust will the system be? Does every child have the same opportunity to learn? I feel like there was an assumption that every child will be able to learn from home, but most might not have computers or access to the internet or parents that are capable to helping or monitoring. How will those children fair after all this is over?

As you can see, I have a lot of thoughts and for those who are studying undergrad or postgrad, there are many opportunities for research presented by this Covid-19. I am going to stop now. Stay Safe #staysafe.


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